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Capital project criteria

Investment ready infrastructure capital projects will be showcased at the summit and featured on African Economic Expansion Network. Projects (both greenfield and brownfield) which will be considered to be viable for inclusion in the programme are required to be more than R1 billion (US$100 million) in value. These will be showcased at the summit. A financial and legal due diligence will have been carried out by the African Economic Expansion Summit executive committee to ensure that projects showcased are legitimate and thoroughly vetted.

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Greenfield and brownfield projects

“The Annual African Economic Expansion Summit has the ability to unite generations of today’s top African and International entrepreneurs, investors, legends and leadership from government and business can reposition Africa’s growth path.”


You should invest in

Africa’s growth story

A continent more than ready for sustainable deal flow. The emerging growth story of Africa, home to 1.1 billion people, is at a turning point.

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Economic expansion focus

on six project streams

Hosted by the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government, the AEES is a response to the call for heightened competitiveness of African economies.

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Africa's economic

expansion network

Taking engagement between project owners and potential investors one step further, the African Economic Expansion Network has been established.

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Project meet capital

Extending investment beyond talk

The annual AEES will promote African projects, businesses and commercial opportunities to a broad range of investors including hedge funds.

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