Ambassador Briefing Function
Southern Sun Hotel, Pretoria
07 October 2014

The Ambassador's briefing session brought over 40 Ambassadors to the Southern Sun Hotel in South Africa's capital city of Pretoria. The Premier of KwaZulu-Natal invited the entire diplomatic core deployed to South Africa to give an in-depth vision of the African Economic Expansion Summit and Network's aim to drive deal flow and local participation on the continent. Ambassadors from the continent were invited to showcase their country's top infrastructure projects and lead business delegations of local business people who are well positioned to drive their local projects.

Ambassadors representing countries from outside of the African continent were asked to lead delegations of businesses, investors and their countries trade agencies to showcase their expertise in best practices, funding models, while also demystifying their county's trade and funding programmes. The evening was well received by the diplomats in attendance and has become an annual part of the summit's mobilisation efforts.

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