AEES Project Exhibitions

Constructing Africa’s infrastructure and growing the African economy is a top priority for all local, provincial and national governments and requires regional integration. The African Economic Expansion Summit aims to highlight the most investment-ready opportunities from countries across the continent, highlighting Africa’s regional growth strategies and future projections.

Within each of the six development project streams identified above, projects will be categorised either as between investment and ready opportunities and those that require further due diligence packaging. This clearinghouse mechanism will facilitate targeted engagement between project owners and potential investors or development partners to explore mutual beneficial opportunities.

As a beginning process towards identifying qualified projects, the AEES Sub-Committee on Project Initiation has developed a brief questionnaire for review and completion by the designated project manager/owner. Once a project is shortlisted to be showcased at the summit. The designated project manager will need to be appointed by the project owner to liaise with AEES Sub-Committee on the presentation of the project leading up to the November summit.

To qualify projects from your region please complete the attached AEES project questionnaire and visit the website which provides guidance to project owners on how to package their investment propositions. Projects that have demonstrated quality due diligence will be included in the final qualified project listing. Projects will then be showcased at the summit and promoted to potential investors in the build-up and ongoing communications around the event.