African countries have demonstrated renewed commitment to industrialization as part of a broader agenda to diversify their economies, build resilience to shocks, and develop productive capacity for high and sustained economic growth, the creation of employment opportunities and substantial poverty reduction.

The strategic role of manufacturing in the development process is that it provides technology and innovation which are crucial for economic development and manufacturing has historically been the main source of innovation in modern economies. Furthermore, manufacturing is a major conduit for diffusion of new technologies to other sectors of the economy.


Beneficiation was not an obstacle in Africa, but rather an opportunity. Africa was missing an opportunity when it exported minerals to other countries without first creating a finished product. Many countries that are resource-rich seek to improve their revenue through taxation. African countries should consider that beneficiation might be a more effective option.

Beneficiation lends itself to helping countries move ahead through job creation, technology advancement, skills transfer, and research and development. To successfully meet the challenge of building a beneficiation industry, Africa needs to invest in need resources - capital, power, infrastructure, skills and education.


Showcasing the continent's projects

The Network’s unique investment platform prioritises six streams of development projects related to: