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Investment Varies Depending On Customised Package

Item Description
1. Opt-in Breakfast featuring Sponsor Content / Workshop Leverage the buzz and excitement of the African Economic Expansion Summit by collaborating with AEEN to deliver a customised content session or workshop, in the form of a breakfast or lunch, for select AEES attendees who have opted-in to attend your event.
a) AEEN will promote your event to high level executives via the African Economic Expansion Summit brochure/s and in one edition of the African Economic Expansion Summit newsletter sent to registered attendees.
b) This opt-in event will be promoted on
c) Delegates will be encouraged to register for your event during the African Economic Expansion Summit registration process.
2. Invitation-Only Private Event Collaborate with AEEN to identify and invite a targeted group of Forum participants to a private meal/reception with an African Economic Expansion Summit keynote speaker.
3. Client Engagement Enhance your best business relationships and take your most important business dialogues to a new level by sharing the thought provoking, inspirational experience of the African Economic Expansion Summit with your key clients and partners.
a) 10-20 tickets for your team and clients to attend the African Economic Expansion Summit.
b) Reserved seating section affording your group an opportunity to sit side-by-side during the African Economic Expansion Summit.
c) Host a private event with a keynote speaker for your group. Typically held as a meal function or reception during the African Economic Expansion Summit; this is a very cost-effective way to treat your clients to an intimate experience with an iconic thought leader.


Investment Varies Depending On Customised Package
(Available in addition to overall sponsorship)

Item Description Cost
1. Direct Marketing Content Inserts $5,000
a) Place a branded item, thought leadership or marketing materials on attendee USB flash drives
2. Display Area (3x4 Shell scheme) $25,000 + based on location $25,000
a) Create a home-base within the venue to engage the audience and create relationships
b) Branding
3. Event App Between $10,000 - $25,000 $10,000
a) Logo plus company icon (unique to app sponsor) on the event app which all delegates will access prior to and during the summit.
4. Lanyards $15,000 + production $15,000
a) Enhance your brand presence by having all delegates wear your logo for the entire African Economic Expansion Summit
5. Print Advertisement in the Speaker Presentation Workbook $5,000 inside/back cover $4,000 within $4,000
Include your brand message and call-to-action within this content rich reference used by delegates within and beyond the event. This collateral will include speaker presentations, interesting facts, recommended reading and note-taking sections.
6. Breakfast for all attendees $15,000
a) Be the first to welcome all the AEES attendees with branded coffee cups and napkins.
7. Coffee Breaks $15,000 + production $15,000
a) Establish dominant brand presence by sponsoring one of the four coffee breaks with branded cups, napkins and potentially, a giveaway per delegate.
8. Networking/Cocktail reception $30,000 + F&B $30,000
a) Host an evening networking cocktail reception for a targeted audience.
9. Interactive Social Media Kiosk $12,500
a) Engage directly with delegates for video clips that can be uploaded to your Social Media platforms and/or company website.
10. Social Media Leadership $35,000
a) Co-branding on all invitations and pre-event promotions.
b) Co-branding on all Bloggers Hub event signage and materials.
c) Opportunity to distribute materials to all bloggers.
d) Watermark branding on all event photos provided to Bloggers.
e) Opportunity to host a cocktail or luncheon for the bloggers.
f) Create a custom post-event summary of “Best of AEES Blogs”.
g) Custom activations may be explored in collaboration with WOBI.
h) Web link for reference:
i) Twitter stream sponsorship.

Marketing opportunity package

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