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The main sponsors of the African Economic Expansion Summit and Network will be given the opportunity to present keynote speeches at plenaries, together with presentations and customised break-away sessions with their key audience/s. Our international marketing campaign throughout Africa and globally will ensure our sponsors reach their target audience continuously, both before and after the event.

TOPAZ - $300,000

Sponsorship Package

Benefits include:
1. Onsite engagement and interaction via a special event.
1.1 Choose from a variety of formats:
a) Q&A featuring a relevant African Economic Expansion Summit speaker.
b) Keynote or workshop delivered by one of your executives.
c) Panel featuring a group of customers or related practitioners/experts.
1.2 Cater to an audience that meets your objectives:
a) Engage with an exclusive group of your best customers and partners
b) Promotion to delegates to create broad exposure and demand.
c) Work with AEEN to invite AEES attendees with a select profile.
1.3 VIP experience within your event:
a) Exclusive area/table for your key guests and senior executives.
2. Post Event Marketing and Education.
2.1 Lead Generation:
a) All special event delegates will receive a follow-up via email featuring branding by your company.
2.2 Inclusion in Executive Summary:
a) Interview highlights will be included with the Executive Summary and distributed to the entire African Economic Expansion Summit audience.
2.3 Recordable Content:
a) AEEN will provide video and audio recording of the interview.
b) Video link will be included on the website available to all attendees after the event.
2.4 Website Advertising:
a) Sponsor will receive six months of website advertising.

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